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Community Council Minutes 11-21-22

Lakeview Elementary Community Council
Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2022

• Meeting was called to order. In attendance were the following members: Mr. Okey, Mrs. Long,
Ms. Lyman, Sarah Christensen, Mrs. Crocker, Nate Shoell, Becca Bennett, Mrs. Walker, and
Johanna Graham.
• Mrs. Long and Ms. Lyman presented the idea for an after-school program titled: “Moving and
Mindfulness. Council members were each given a copy of the program overview. The proposal
for the “Moving and Mindfulness” program was met with a positive response from all
community council members.
• Mr. Okey reviewed with council members the 2021-2022 Trustlands goals through the lens of
the 2022-2023 Trustlands goals based on the B.O.Y. (Beginning of Year) data provided for each
specific grade. Mr. Okey also explained to council members the intent behind changing the goals
from what they were the previous year.
• Mr. Okey showed council members the Budget Review regarding Title 1, TSSA, and ESSR; and
discussed how funding is being spent to support the school goals.
• Mr. Okey discussed with council members about allowing students in the building on cold
mornings (below 20 degrees) before school is in session. It is said that students will have the
choice to wait outside or inside the building until school starts. The concern was raised about
who will keep an eye on students in the building as teachers will be occupied with their prep
time. It was suggested to have books in the hallways or supplies for coloring. It was also
suggested to have student ambassadors alternate turns coming to school early to keep an eye
on students in the building. Members of the council were in agreement that students should be
allowed in the building on cold mornings.
• Council agreed to meet again on Monday, January 23, 2023 at 3:30 pm; the meeting was