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Community Council Minutes 9-19-2022

Community Council Meeting Minutes
Date: September 19 th
Start time: 3:30
Those in attendance: Principal Okey, Mrs. Crocker, Mrs. Walker, MacKenzie Kellar, Nate
Shoell, Cathie Fisher, Sarah Christensen, Jordan Schmidt
Changes to the council: Cathie Fisher has fulfilled her commitment on the committee and will no
longer be the chair. MacKenzie Kellar will be the new chair for the Community Council. The
vote was unanimous. We had 5 vacancies on the council this year and we had 5 new people
interested, so we took them all on. The new members include MacKenzie Kellar, Becca Bennett,
Johanna Bailey- Graham, Jenn Adams, and Nate Shoell. Nate has served a 2-year term but
wanted to stay on the council. We voted unanimously to keep him on.  
Not all new members were in attendance, so we voted to meet again October 3 rd to finalize
positions for the upcoming year. We still need a secretary.
We need to have our council formed and voted on by Oct. 20.
Cathie Fisher explained where the money comes from for the school land trust and how the
community council members help decide where that money is spent.
The suggestion to do a zoom link for the meetings was given to allow any parents to participate
and view the meeting remotely.  
Meeting adjourned at 4:08