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Community Council Minutes 5-2-2022

Lakeview Community Council Minutes 5/2/22

(Jenn Adams not in attendance.) Attendance: Cathie Fisher, Spencer Okey, Jordan Schmidt, Shane Robertson, Sarah Christensen, Susan Schreiner, Nancy Crocker, McKay Wallace, Nate Shoell

-The meeting was opened.

-Cathie Fisher reviewed the minutes from the last council meeting. The council voted to approve the previous minutes.

-The council vice president reported that the city will come and re-paint problem areas of the curb by the school later this spring. She will be in charge of asking the city to put it on their list of curb touch ups.

-Mr. Okey reported that the Trustlands plan has been reviewed and submitted to the state. The teacher committee reviewed the Trustlands plan and recommended one modification of the math goal. They want to measure student progress by tier levels. The teachers will assign a percentage value to the different tiers to use the next school year. 

-There was a brief discussion of wood chips vs. sand vs. rubber mats for the playground. Mr. Okey reported that the school district maintenance department is in charge of that decision.

-Mr. Okey reviewed what year and term all the council members are on and if they would need to be voted on again next year in order to participate in the council.

-Mr. Okey also reviewed the requirements for the composition of the community council, and some of the open positions that will need to be filled the next school year. (a teacher position, council president, council secretary)

-The council decided to meet next school year in September shortly after the vote for council members takes place. Mr. Okey will be in charge of sending out information on the community council, how to submit your information if you're interested in participating, and how to vote. 

-The council will meet next on Monday September 19 at 3:30 pm.

-The meeting was adjourned.