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Community Council Minutes 3-7-2022

Minutes for March 7th Community Council meeting 

@ 3:30pm at Lakeview

Attendance: Spencer Okey, Nancy Crocker, McKay Wallace, Shane Robertson, Sarah Christensen, Cathie Fisher, Susan Schreiner, Jordan Schmidt

-Nate Shoell and Jenn Adams not in attendance

-Cathy Fisher started the council meeting by reviewing the minutes from the last meeting. The council voted in the affirmative to approve the minutes.

-Mr. Okey reported on the digital and school safety plan. Mr. Okey has reminded the teachers to continue to go through and teach the digital safety plan, and to remember to go through the material with new students who have come in since the beginning of the year. The teachers asked if they could have aides help with teaching the digital safety curriculum to new students, and yes, they can.

-On April 1, Safe Routes Utah is coming and doing a presentation to the school about getting safely to school. Mr. Okey and the safety committee met and double checked the list Safe Routes Utah provides to the school before their presentation, and our school checked off all the boxes- we don't need to address anything.

-Next year, Mr. Okey has signed up Lakeview to have Bike Utah come and teach bike safety to the 4th graders. Bike Utah brings in enough bikes for the whole grade, and spends a week teaching bike safety. At the end of the week, the 4th graders all get to take a bike ride through the neighborhood. Mr. Okey plans to continue doing this every year.

-Jordan will check with the city about who is responsible for painting the curb red to prevent parking too close to the exit from the pick up/drop off lot on the south side of the school.

-Mr. Okey presented data on student progress towards our school wide Trustlands goals. 

The ELA goal was that 70% of students K-6 would achieve typical or above typical growth in at least one measure that is tested for. Overall, 76% of students have met that goal. Kindergarten has not met the goal, but they have different tests at the beginning of the year than they do at the middle of the year. Second grade is only 1% off from meeting the 70% goal. 

Mr. Okey proposes a stretch goal for the school that 75% of students achieve typical or above typical growth in 2 measures that are tested for. Teachers could choose what measures they want to focus on: accuracy, fluency, retell, etc.

Our math goal was that 90% of students would show growth as measured by SGA (student growth assessment) testing. We will definitely meet that goal. Many classes are at 100%. 
Many teachers are also tracking student improvement in tier of proficiency attained. 
Mr. Okey proposed that we update the math goal next year to track percentage improvement either in tier of proficiency, or in measures (subject areas) that are tested for as we did with the ELA goal. 

Mrs. Crocker said that 2nd grade teachers would like to aim for a percentage of students who attain mastery in 1 or 2 target subject areas that students are tested on. She said that the teachers greatly appreciate the test information they get so they can see what areas each student may or may not be understanding.

Our school-wide goals for next year will leave room for the teachers to choose which areas/measures they want to focus on for their classes, according to what is needed most for their class.

-Some of our Trustlands money will go to pay for math computer programs next year. Kindergarten and 1st grade want to use Dreambox. The other grades want to use IXL. A certain number of licenses are offered without cost by the district to each school. IXL is not on the approved grant list yet, but the cost spread over 3 years is cheaper than the cost of Dreambox, so Mr. Okey feels it is worth the money.

-Mr. Okey will submit the Trustlands plan on Wednesday, and send out an email to the council members to approve it. Susan will keep track of how many approve/disapprove the plan.

-The next council meeting will be held on May 2. Mr. Okey will give the final report on last year's Trustlands plan, the final report on next year's plan, and we will discuss voting for next  year's community council.

-The meeting was adjourned.