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Community Council Minutes 11-8-2021

Nov 8, 2021 – Community Council Meeting MInutes

The meeting was started. Cathie Fisher and Jenn Adams were not in attendance.

-Mr. Okey will submit the report on last year's Trustlands plan to the state in January. He will present the report to the council so we can see how we did on last year's goals.
-Academic performance data was just received in raw form- he will share results with us once the data has been processed.
-Mr. Okey will submit both the Trustland's report and academic performance data with us at our next community council meeting in January.

-Last year's Trustlands plan focused more on comprehensive scores. This year's Trustlands plan will focus on one area for each child and on accuracy.

-Mr. Okey has been investigating a program called IXL for teachers to use in addition to or instead of Dreambox and Alex. IXL can be used to gather data or for review of math and science. It is less expensive than Dreambox. Some of the teachers of the older grades have requested IXL. IXL is not on the list of programs that a school can request from the district, but with the greater cost of Dreambox now that not as many licenses are given by the district, it makes sense to purchase IXL. The plan is to use Dreambox mostly for grades K-3, and IXL for grades 4-6. The IXL company has issued enough provisional licenses for the whole school so any teacher can try out the program.

-Mr. Okey proposes to purchase a new copier. The current Reso copier is quite old- at least 13 years and has problems. The copier Mr. Okey proposes to get is a Canon copier that is in use at many other schools. Teachers will be able to digitally email files to the printer- they will not have to use a master paper copy. This model of printer will also send any error message directly to Canon, who will automatically schedule a repair person to come out. The total cost of the printer is $5200, and the cost includes service and maintenance by Canon. Mr. Okey proposes to use money from TSSA, Title 1, and Trustlands to purchase the copier. A total of $1734 will be taken from Trustlands. 
-A vote was taken on whether to use $1734 from Trustlands funds to help purchase the new copier. The vote was unanimous for the proposal. 

-Last year, digital citizenship was taught with the same curriculum we had the year previous, and was taught by Miss Falah, the computer teacher. This year, the district has put a digital citizenship curriculum on Nearpod. There are different levels for each grade, and the curriculum is somewhat customizable. Each classroom teacher will teach the digital citizenship lessons to their class of students every year. The teacher can choose when to teach the lessons during the year. The teachers report that they like the Nearpod format of the curriculum, and that the lessons are engaging and feel like a game to the students. 

-A question was asked- will there be preschool at Lakeview next year? Mr. Okey explained that the decision is made on a year by year basis depending on funding and resources available. The preschool is not really under Mr. Okey- they have their own preschool administration. Mr. Okey was glad to volunteer Lakeview to host a preschool because about 50% of the preschool class end up going to Lakeview for kindergarten the next year, and are more prepared to start kindergarten because of their preschool experience. Mr. Okey mentioned that the preschool used to have a segregated class for special needs students, but has now integrated special needs students in with typical preschoolers. This is a positive step.

-The community council will meet again the second Monday of January. 

-The meeting was adjourned.