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Community Council Minutes 3-1-2021

Lakeview Community Council Notes 3/1/21


-Cathie Fisher opened the meeting and summarized the minutes from the last council meeting. The council voted to approve the minutes.


-Cathie asked Principal Okey if there was anything to report on re: digital literacy. Principal Okey said the district was going to release a new program for digital literacy, but that project has stalled. He asked the computer aide to teach the current material we have on digital literacy to the students. She has been working on that.


-Cathie asked Principal Okey if there was anything to report on in re: the safety plan. Mr. Okey has asked the school resource officer to park by the crosswalk occasionally. Mrs. Stonehocker will talk to the Leopard Leaders again about coming out in front of the school in the mornings and bringing out the white board sign now that the sign is available again. 


-Principal Okey presented the working version of the Trustlands Plan. It is usually due on March 15, but the deadline has been extended, currently by 6 weeks. 


-The proposed budget for next year is $56,539. 


-Our proposed reading goal: 70% of all students will achieve typical growth from the beginning to the end of the school year, measured by Acadience (DIBELS) testing.  The teachers approve of this goal. 

-Action step for this goal: the school will administer the Acadience (DIBELS) test to all students from K-6th grade. The school already gets some paid for DIBELS testing for some grades. The additional testing will cost $1 per student. 

-Action step for this goal: the school will use Imagine Learning to help with reading. May extend the use of Imagine Learning to grades 4-6. 


-Last year we used some Title I funds to pay for 5 ½ hours of teacher aide hours. We are losing some Title I funds. Principal Okey proposes using some Trustlands funds to replace the lost Title I funds and pay for the 5 ½ teacher aide hours. Teachers approve of this use of Trustlands funds. 

-Cathie Fisher asked why we lost the Title I funds. Principal Okey explained that every school has had funding cut back in the last few years. Our school is one of the last to get its funding cut. 


-If there are any Trustlands funds left, we may put them towards Chromebooks.


-Our proposed math goal: 90% of students will demonstrate growth from the beginning of the year to the end of the year on grade level student assessments. 

-Action step for the math goal: students will get a grade level SGA assessment at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  

-Action step for the math goal: Provide class instruction and additional targeted math instruction by teachers and aides. 

-Will use a computer lab specialist to help students with online programs.
-This goal is not yet fully presented to/approved by the teachers. The leadership team has discussed  ranking students by tiers rather than trying to get students to meet a certain percentage. The teachers want to measure growth.
-The community council agreed this was a good idea.

-Principal Okey talked about the idea of using weekly mini quizzes for math- a mini assessment. Some teachers already do this. Mrs. Stonehocker gave support for this idea, as did the council. This would not replace the larger assessments given 3 times a year, but data could be pulled from the mini assessments to evaluate students. Principal Okey will present this idea to the leadership council. 


-Principal Okey would also like to use Trustland funds to increase a current aide's hours from 3 ½ hours back up to 5 ½ hours. 

-Most of the Trustland funds will go towards teacher aide salaries. There may be about $1000 left. 


-Mr. Okey will email us the final Trustland Plan. He will find out if we can vote on it and sign it via email, or if we need to have another meeting. 


-Our next scheduled meeting will be May 3 at 3:30 pm. We will get feed back on our Trustland Plan from the school board and will discuss staffing for next year's community council. 


-The online link for the next community council meeting is on the school calendar. 


-The meeting was adjourned.