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Community Council Minutes 5-3-2021


Lakeview Elementary Community Council 

5/3/2021 3:30pm Held in person at Lakeview School | Meeting called to order by Spencer Okey

In Attendance

Spencer Okey, Catherine Fisher, Susan Schreiner, Jillian Hanes, Nancy Crocker, Jordan Earl, Jaimee Stonehocker

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by all. 


Chair: Catherine Fisher    Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022

Vice Chair: Susan Schreiner    Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022

Secretary: Jillian Hanes Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022


Budget was not discussed in this meeting. 

Meeting Notes

Spencer: Welcome and meeting opening of meeting. 

Cathie: Review the minutes of the previous meeting and voted to approve. 

Spencer: Final approval of the Trustland goals is in process.  The goals for 2021-2022 are as follows-

ELA 70% K-6 Typical or Above Typical in one measure by DIBELS.

Math 90% K-6 will demonstrate growth on Grade Level Student Growth Assessments.

The budget will mainly be used to keep the intervention aides we have hired as well as increase Ms. Falah’s involvement with Math during PLC Computer time by utilizing Dreambox/Aleks. 

Teachers are preparing to administer year end testing to see if our previous 2020-2021 goals were reached.  Those goals are as follows-

ELA 70% or above measured by DIBELS.

Math 70% K-2 Passing and 80% or on more for 3-6 passing at 70% based on Grade Level Student Growth Assessments.

We are waiting for a new update on digital citizenship from the State of Utah before we go over those goals. 

Next Meeting Dates:      9/13/2021 Monday 3:30pm