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Community Council Minutes 3-10-2020

March 10th, 2020 Community Council Meeting Minutes, 4pm

Attendance: Jamie Stonehocker, Jill Ellsworth, Jillian Hanes, Cathie Fisher, Susan Schreiner, Shirley Passey

  1. Final plan review of Trustlands funding
    1. Reading expenditures - $37, 025
    2. Math expenditures - $19,281
  2. Goals review for reading and math - the school will use SGA to measure growth instead of RISE, as RISE has tech problem and is not a good measure. Teachers can create own assessments from exit tickets
  3. Extra funds will go to salaries for additional aides/general supplies
  4. Council will look for email for e-sign
  5. Council voted unanimously to approve the Trustland proposal as presented after the council worked together to modify a few simple areas until everyone was in agreement on the wording, etc.
  6. Next meeting will be Tuesday, May 5th @ 4pm to discuss voting process, and set date for fall meeting
  7. Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.