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Community Council Minutes 9-1-2020



Lakeview Elementary Community Council 

9/1/2020 4:00pm | Meeting called to order by Spencer Okey

In Attendance

Spencer Okey, Catherine Fisher, Susan Schreiner and Jillian Hanes

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the last physical meeting were approved by all. 


Chair: Catherine Fisher    Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022

Vice Chair: Susan Schreiner    Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022

Secretary: Jillian Hanes Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022


Budget was not discussed in this meeting. 

Principal’s Report

1: Applications for more members- Mr. Okey made a post for applications for more community members.  There are 3 vacancies on the council and there have been 4 applicants. We will vote remotely on new members before the next meeting. 

2: Trustland Aides- Mr. Okey would like to lower the hours of the new aid from 5 per day to 3.5.  All voted IN FAVOR

3: Rocket Math and Spelling Component of Reading Horizons- Using the budget savings from the lowered hours of the new Aide, the teachers are requesting these two applications for use in the classroom. Rocket Math will add the fluency that DreamBox is currently lacking. Rocket Math has been used by Mrs. Lambert in the 2019-2020 year with good results.  All voted IN FAVOR

4: Trustland Changes Video by Paula Plant- All watched. 

5: Agenda for Next Meeting- Tiffany updates website, 20-21 Plan Implementation, Welcome New Members

Meeting Dates

10/5/2020 3:30pm Monday     11/2/2020 3:30pm       Monday       1/4/2021 3:30pm Monday

3/1/2021 3:30pm Monday     5/3/2021 3:30pm       Monday