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Community Council Minutes 2-18-2020

Community Council Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2020

Room 26

Members present: Shirley Passey, Meredith Hoskins, Amy Peterson, Cathy Fisher, Susan Schreiner, Jill Ellsworth, Jillian Hanes

Absent: Nikki Jensen

The meeting was called to order at 4:10.

We started the meeting by reviewing the Trust Lands goals for the next school year, 2020-2021.  We discussed the changes that need to be made.  Online programs and some technology as well as some of the money to pay for aids in the building will be split with the TSSA (another source of funding for our school) to allow funding for the cost of the lease for the school’s Chrome books. With these changes we will be spending all our estimated allotted amount, $54,759. 

The council voted unanimously to keep the Trust Lands goals as explained to us by Shirley. 

Shirley next explained to the council briefly how the TSSA funding is being used next year.  Some of it is used to pay for one half of a teacher’s salary so we can have her all day in the class room, part of the salary for one of our aids, Reading Horizons software and a reading coach.  All the money we are given is scheduled to be spent.

The next item of business was a quick overview of the Title One plan.  No changes were made. 

It was brought to our attention by Cathy that the council will need a new Secretary for next year.  We all voted unanimously that the officers for next year will be Cathy Fisher as President, Susan Schreiner as Vice President, and Jillian Hanes as Secretary. 

The next meeting will be on March 3, 2020 at 4:00 in room 26. This will be a short 10 minute meeting to double check the Trust Lands goals and make sure there are no errors before Shirley turns them in to the district.

We adjourned at 5:10