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Community Council Minutes 1-8-2024

Community Council Minutes

Third Meeting


Current Members:

MacKenzie Moore (Chair)

Jordan Schmidt (Vice)

Becca Bennett (Secretary)

Johanna Bailey-Graham

Jenn Adams

Sarah Christensen

Jessica Parsons

Nate Shoell

Nancy Crocker

Camie Walker

Kim Vorwaller

Council Members Present:

  •  Stacy Rountree
  •  Becca Bennett
  •  Johanna Bailey-Graham
  •  Sarah Christensen
  •  Jessica Parsons
  •  Nate Shoell
  •  Jordan Schmidt
  •  Camie Walker
  •  Kim Vorwaller
  •  Nancy Crocker

Council Members Excused: 

  •  Jenn Adams
  •  MacKenzie Moore

Community Members Present:




Time                                           Topics


Review current school land trust plan implementation and year to date budget

  •  Only two grades completed at the moment. Those two grades are at 34% out of the 60%. Next meeting we will go over the growth with more data. Tier 2 and Tier 3 instruction in the classroom.  1st 43% 2nd grade is at 47% growth. Hoping that being consistent with strategies, more growth will be made by end of year.
  • Money spent between hiring aides and chromebooks.
  • Acadience data will be available at the next meeting.
  • 4 day experience for teachers to have a plan set in place. Behavior and academics going hand in hand. $20,000.
  • Estimated $40,357.25 have spent $19,120.25. on track for halfway through the year. Mathsoftware $21,145.00 7872.04 currently spent. Total year to date 39,368.58.


Participate in academic data discussion and decide the academic needs the council will address in the upcoming school year.

  • Discussed possibility of hiring a substitute who can also be an aide when needed.
  • Professional development for teachers.


Make recommendations to the principal about the teacher and student success plan.

  • No recommendations made


Follow up on the digital citizenship and school safety plans

  • Teachers really like Blocksi, it sends notifications to the principal immediately. It has already been a useful tool at the school.
  • Bark 
  • District will be installing new doors in the whole school with large rectangular windows and new handles. The window provides safety for students and staff. The question was raised about having the windows covered in lockdown situations. Discussed possible drop down shades made of fabric. 
  •  Practice lockdown drills with Police Officers. January 18,2024.


Discuss child access routing plan and prepare recommendations as applicable

  • Cones are being placed out along the curb to keep people from parking on the red painted curbs. Mr. Fazzio has been standing in the crosswalk with a vest, helping students safely cross the road. It was determined that the road isn’t busy enough to justify hiring a crossing guard for that specific crosswalk. Mrs. Vorwaller mentioned that the resource officer has said parents have become belligerent with him when he has asked them to move their cars. 
  •  Putting cones on the red curb where kids are crossing seems to help.
  • Discussed putting kids in vests helping move traffic. Putting kids in leadership roles. Leader in Me.
  • Mindfulness and movement starting up again. Rewarding students who are on task and aren’t always recognized.


Meeting Adjourned



Action Items - Items to be voted on



Council Member’s Name


Council Member’s Name



DATE FOR NEXT MEETING: February 5, 2024 @ 3:30PM


Scheduled upcoming meetings:

March 4, 2024 @ 3:30PM

April 8, 2024 @ 3:30PM ( as needed)