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Community Council Minutes 3-6-2023

03/06/2023 | 3:30 | Lakeview Elementary Library

Council Members Present 
-Spencer Okey
-Becca Bennett
-MacKenzie Kellar
-Nate Shoell
-Nancy Crocker
-Johanna Graham
-Camie Walker
-Sarah Christensen

Council Members Excused
-Jordan Schmidt
-Jenney Adams
-Jessica Parsons
3:30 -Nancy Crocker had reviewed the Trustlands goals for 2023-2024 and made her vote
known to council members before being excused from the meeting.
3:38 -School land and trust upcoming year’s plan

 Finalize and vote to approve
 Sign the council signature form
 Forward plan to the board for approval

- Mr. Okey went over the plan in its entirety with council members, reviewing
all the goals that were made around the greatest academic need of our school
based on data.
- No changes were made to the goals presented, and all members voted in favor
of the goals set forth and signed the council signature form.

3:50 -Follow up on school safety plans and access, routing plan, recommendations
from last meeting.
 Mr. Okey talked to council members about his discussion with the school
resource officer, and proposed reaching out to the District Safety Director for
possible solutions.
 It was proposed to put out safety cones and tape to block off parking on the
restricted curb between the times of 2:45-3:00pm. Mr. Okey said he would
have to get permission from the city to do so. It was also proposed that
members from the community could volunteer to help redirect people trying to
people trying to park there.
 The idea was suggested to send out maps to school families, highlighting
crosswalks and suitable areas to park.

4:00 -Title 1 plan

 Mr. Okey discussed with council members where the Title1 funds are allocated
and the use of Chromebooks.
 Title 1 Family Night on May 4 th .

4:07 -Confirm next scheduled meeting on May 1, 2023 *Final meeting for the school year*
 In the case that the trustlands plan needs adjustments, Mr. Okey asked if
council members would like to meet in person to go over the changes, or if
council members would prefer to review and vote on changes via email. All
present council members agreed to review any plan changes and vote using

4:09 -Discussed attendance of council members
4:11 -Meeting adjourned

Action Items - Items to be voted on Time
Trustlands Goals 2023-2024 3:47

Council Member’s Name Vote Council Member’s Name Vote
Spencer Okey In Favor Nate Shoell In Favor

MacKenzie Kellar In Favor Nancy Crocker In Favor
Johanna Graham In Favor Sarah Christensen In Favor
Becca Bennett In Favor Camie Walker In Favor


Update: 03/17/2023

On 03/16/2023 an email was sent from Mr. Okey to council members to vote on the amended
Trustlands Goals for 2023-2024 including all recommended revisions provided by the WSD review
committee. Council Members responded to the email with their votes accordingly.

Action Items - Items to be voted on Time
Trustlands Goals 2023-2024 (Amended) 4:30

Council Member’s Name,     Vote                           Council Member’s Name,    Vote
Spencer Okey                   In Favor                      Nate Shoell                         In Favor
Sarah Christensen            In Favor                      Nancy Crocker                    In Favor
Camie Walker                   In Favor                       MacKenzie Kellar               In Favor
Jenney Adams                  In Favor                       Johanna Graham               In Favor
Jordan Schmidt                 In Favor                      Becca Bennett                    In Favor