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Community Council Minutes 11-2-2020


Lakeview Elementary Community Council 

11/2/2020 3:30pm Held Virtually on Google Meet | Meeting called to order by Spencer Okey

In Attendance

Spencer Okey, Catherine Fisher, Susan Schreiner, Jillian Hanes, Jaimee Stonehocker, Nancy Crocker, Jordan Earl, Nate Shoell, Lynn Raymond (District Representative presenting about Digital Citizenship)

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by all. 


Chair: Catherine Fisher    Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022

Vice Chair: Susan Schreiner    Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022

Secretary: Jillian Hanes Term: 2020-2021/2021-2022


Budget was not discussed in this meeting. 

Meeting Notes

1: Digital Citizenship presented by Lynn Raymond from WSD. He discussed the IBOSS filtering that all school accounts go through.  Even personal Chromebooks will have filtering when logged into their account but not all filtering can be done when the Chromebook is not issued by the school. Filters are set by elementary vs. secondary grade levels due to the content that would be appropriate for each age level. Chromebooks were chosen for their affordability. Parents who are worried about Google should be reminded that privacy is not really able to be achieved on the internet and that there are many legal contracts with Google regarding student data.  Mr. Okey says First Grade and Kindergarten levels will be going 1 to 1 with Chromebooks as well.  Mr. Raymond says that they expect them to arrive in January and be rolled out to the schools then.  Catherine asked about Cyberbullying and Mr. Raymond said that the teachers go through the Common Sense Media modules with the students regarding those issues. 

2: Mr. Okey discusses the Goals for the Trustlands funding.  The first measurement has been taken which will be our starting point and in January, we will be able to measure any growth then.  Most of the Trustlands Funds are used to pay for the hourly aides that are employed at the school. Between the 3 reading programs we had allotted money for, only one program was being widely used which is Reading A-Z.  We will be cancelling the other programs to be able to better direct the funds to things that are needed to support the teachers. For Math goals, Rocket Math has been used and had good reviews from the teachers and students. The SGA goals will help us to see how we are progressing and more data will be needed to track that progression with our next two meetings in January and February before our next plan which will be due in March. 

3: TSSA Lakeview Budget Sheet: Technology expenditures will be used for leasing Chromebook for Kindergarten and First Grade with touch screens.  They will also be using some funds for replacement panels for the teacher’s smart boards to begin moving over to more reliable equipment. The school got a grant from the Roy High School program which will take care of the aide that they were going to be paying which leaves some money there to work with if we need to move funds over from TSSA to Trustlands, etc. 

4: Next meeting will address any growth data from Acadience (DIBELS) and the Child Access Routing Plan.  Ms. Crocker will invite Meredith Hoskins as the safety coordinator. 

5: Changing meeting for January to 1/11/2021 

Next Meeting Dates

1/11/2021 3:30pm Monday

3/1/2021 3:30pm Monday       5/3/2021 3:30pm Monday