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    Please keep track of your library books. Check out our Free Book Box out in front of the school! Come get a book and trade for one you are finished with. We can share many stories together!        With SORA you can borrow books to read or borrow and listen to Ebooks * SORA: Click here-->   You guys are awesome, and doing such a good job reading!  Keep Up the Good Work! “All I have learned, I learned from books.”― Abraham Lincoln

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  000NAME000   Nurse  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. FAX    Privacy laws and how student,  teacher, and employee information  will be protected  It is important to make sure administrators, employees, and parents understand privacy laws and how they apply during the  COVID-19 pandemic.  What laws protect student,  teacher, and employee privacy?  Public health laws  COVID-19 is reportable by law, under Utah Code Annotated § 26-6-1...

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Mission Statement

MAY MAY  Monday 6th, Iron Kid/ STEM Olympia (for those participating) Return all library books, please :) Thursday 23rd, Field Day. Friday 24th, Last Day of School. West Field Volleyball youth camp. West Field Volleyball   is havinig their FIRST EVER youth camp. This camp is for 1st-9th grade boys and girls. It will be held at Roy High School's gymnasium, May 15th-17th. If you are interested, come grab a flyer from the front office, or use this QR code. STEAM CAMP Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathmatics...

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School Policies

POLICIES- LANGUAGE: Inappropriate and vulgar language has no place in school.  Please work with us on this and also with your children. Absences/Excuses: Students are expected to be in school each day unless ill or properly excused by a parent or guardian.  Parents please know where your children are during the school day.  When a student is absent, the parent/guardian should send an excuse with the child when he/she returns to school. Bicycles: All bicycles must be locked up during school hours.  The school cannot be responsible for bicycles, locks or accessories....

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