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Lakeview Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes – Jan 22, 2020

Attendance: Elise Tubbs, Cathie Fisher, Jillian Hanes, Jill Ellsworth, Melissa Talbot, Taylor Lee, Lisa Thomas, Yvette Maynard, Sarah Christensen, JaNell Rensctler

Meeting commenced at 10:30am

  1. Previous meetings minutes approved unanimously
  2. Treasure report – Taylor updated the board on our budget; she will be taking care of taxes soon
  3. Holiday shop was discussed – what can we do differently next year? Do we want to continue? Are there other services we can provide the kids instead? Board voted in approval of continuing holiday shop, but discussed options for doing it ourselves by ordering our own inventory and making our own flyers. Merchandise offered by companies is questionable and complicates things. Jillian volunteered to be chairman for next year for this event
  4. Next year’s board was discussed
    1. President – Lisa agreed to continue one more year unless someone else wants the job
    2. Treasurer – Sarah or JaNell will take on this position
    3. Secretary – Cathie will continue as secretary next year
    4. VP Carnival – Elise may want to be chairman for next year
    5. VP Reflections – Sarah will do this again if she is here
    6. VP Yearbook – Jillian 
    7. VP Holiday shop – Jillian
    8. Teacher Appreciation week – Sarah if she is here
    9. Other responsibilities to be determined for 2020-21
  5. Yearbook for this year was discussed. Jillian Hanes proposal:
    1.  has company that can do books with 36 pages in full color with good binding for $10/book if we order 350. 
    2. Board approved her proposal and the order will go forward. She will do flyers for cover contest, pre-order forms, and information for parents
    3. Students will be given approx. 2 weeks to turn in cover designs for contests; top winner will go on cover, top winners in each grade will go on back
    4. Teachers will be asked to submit pictures to Jillian from their classes for yearbook
  6. PTA Juniors will be helping with spirit day candy distribution and popcorn day
  7. Feb 12th – next popcorn day, we must make sure we have all of the teacher’s bags before finishing with the deposit
  8. Fundraising was discussed by JaNell; Ideas, advantages, and disadvantages include:
    1. Another Funrun
      1. Some kids hated the fun run
      2.  kids with health problems were forced to run
      3.  the company took such a large cut
      4. The company made it easy
      5. The weather must cooperate
    2. Candy sales
      1. Some board members hate candy sales
      2. Parents get stuck with large bills for unsold candy
      3. Families were sent to collections which causes issues
      4. The candy is only a dollar a bar, some people like that
    3. Spelling Bee
      1. It would require a lot of involvement from already stretched teachers
      2. It wouldn’t be a WIN for everyone
      3. It is academic
    4. Funny alternatives for fundraisers such as “donate so you don’t have to sell” and “break a rule day were discussed.”
      1. Might be difficult to determine daily who gets to break what rule, etc.
    5. Readathon option was discussed with/without company help; incentives, awards, logistics all discussed at length
      1. Students would have to read; this is academically sound and not as demanding as forcing them to run
      2. There could be contests between classes in each grade
      3. Award ideas include popsicles for everyone on reading day, popcorn distribution, pizza party for top fundraising students
    6. Concerns with payment options was addressed primarily by Jillian. Electronic payments are discouraged, maybe even forbidden, by the Utah PTA. This may significantly cut down on fundraising balances.  Finding a way to receive payments electronically straight to the PTA is an issue. Questions should be asked to see if this can be an option in the future.


  1. Feb 26th @ 10:30m will be our next meeting.  We will be judging the yearbook cover designs submitted by student contestants and finalizing our yearbook and fundraiser ideas

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