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PTA Meeting Minutes for Nov 6th, 2019 @ 10 am

Attendance: Lisa Thomas, Elise Tubbs, Cathie Fisher, Jamie Stonehocker, Jillian Hanes, Andrea Miles, Jill Ellsworth, and Taylor Lee

  1. Cathie read the minutes from previous meeting. They were unanimously approved by the board
  2. Elis Asked about having an online option for volunteering. Jillian Hanes is going to investigate to see if we can utilize this service for requesting volunteers
    1. Sign ups for spirit day and holiday shop were passed around for people to sign up
    2. On the suggestion of Jamie, Lisa will contact Ms. Salas to inquire on putting a PTA blurb in future Lakeview newsletters
  3. Jillian Hanes was made an administrator on facebook to help facilitate more involvement with parents using social media
  4. Board members should use Copies Plus near Winegars for copying needs. They have our tax exempt number and give a discount. Kingko on 40th street in Ogden also gives a substantial discount. Jillian is going to talk to Copies Plus and see if they can offer further discounts or sponsorship for the Lakeview PTA
  5. Treasurer report by Taylor Lee
  6. Yearbook planning- Lisa needs someone to spearhead the yearbook this year. Jillian Hanes will be given access to the school’s pictures and will talk to the school photographer on Nov 20th to see what services they offer in the way of school yearbooks. She is also available to take photographs at school events that can be used in yearbooks after approval by Mrs. Passey or Jamie to ensure the privacy of certain students is respected
  7. Fall Carnival discussion
    1. Lisa has ordered two different colored wrist bands. Attendees may purchase one for $5.00 to include unlimited games and one meal or they may purchase a wrist band option for $2.00 which includes one meal only.
    2. Families also have the option of purchasing a deal of $20.00 for a family of six
    3. Each game will have a different prize, purchased/provided by Lisa, and/or coupons acquired by donation from businesses by Elise 
    4. We will set up at 2pm Nov 15th
    5. We almost have all the volunteers. There is a set up on google docs organized by JaNell. This will be shared with the board and printed for the event so that we can help direct volunteers to their assignments. We may still need a few volunteers
    6. Lisa and/or JaNell will remind volunteers of their committment
    7. Left over Lakeview t-shirts/hoodies will be offered for sale at the event
    8. We will be serving hot dogs, etc. and use roasters to warm the hot dogs
    9. We will not offer popcorn
    10. We will try to get the trikes for the event if possible
    11. Lonni will need the library; Jamie will ask about what 5 classrooms we can use, Tavanne will clear the stage for the corn poke game
  8. Next meeting December 4th at 10am
  9. Meeting adjourned at 11:05am

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