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Lakeview PTA Meeting – October 16, 2019  @ 10 am in Lakeview computer lab

Attendance: Lisa Thomas, Elise Tubbs, Jill Ellsworth, Cathie Fisher, JaNell Rentschler, Andrea Miles, Sarah Christensen, Melissa Talbot, Taylor Lee, Shirley Passey (briefly)

  1. JaNell read the minutes from the previous meeting Sept 11th. Minutes were unanimously approved by all members present
  2. Taylor reviewed the budge and treasurer’s report
  3. Taylor review popcorn day information
    1. Needs more volunteers, Taylor will send out flyer to inform people of popcorn day, etc.
    2. The school’s instant texting set up will be utilized to send out reminders for popcorn day and other events; Mrs. Passey affirmed that she can be texted reminders to send out and Mrs. Halterman can send out emails for larger information
    3. Sign up sheet was passed around for board members to sign up to help with popcorn 
  4. Spirit day was discussed. Lisa needs people to help give out candy on Fridays during lunch (11:05-12:10) to kids wearing their Lakeview t-shirt (all students were given a shirt)
  5. Jill discussed more communication options to let parents know what’s going on in the school 
  6. Sarah talked about reflections
    1. Has award’s night invitations to pass out, Lisa helped her after meeting
    2. Oct 22nd is award’s night @6pm in the Lakeview cafeteria
    3. Sarah needs help to set up at 5pm. Cathie volunteered to help with set up
    4. Sarah asked about awards. Should she give out certificates and prizes? 
    5. Council awards night is Nov 13th for those that advance
    6. Sarah asked for suggestions on refreshments; Davis nutrition was suggested as able to sell large sheets of brownies, etc.
  7. Cathie talked about Holiday store
    1. Asked about volunteers from the board to act as supervisors on store days
    2. Jill volunteered for Monday, Lisa – Thursday, JaNell- Friday, Taylor and Sarah on Tuesday. Cathie will do Wednesday and prep work, find volunteers, etc.
  8. Lisa discussed the Fall carnival coming up on Nov 15th
    1. Discussion of tickets, pricing, etc. Board voted unanimously to charge $5.00 for everything, or $2.00 for just food. Hot dogs, chips, drink, and treat will be served
    2. Discussion of booths/games/crafts, etc. There are 14 games and volunteers needed
      1. JaNell put out a chart for registering volunteers in place for booths (refer to for more details)
      2. Cathie -fishing pond, get pumpkins for hoola hoop pumpkin game, and tic tac 
      3. Elise will ask businesses for coupon donations for prizes
      4. Sarah will bring corn poke game
      5. JaNell will be in charge of Nerf gun game
      6. Lonni will do blacklight walk in library
      7. Other games include but are not limited to candy corn, gum drop turkey crafts, wheely cart races, twister, etc.
      8. We will each ask people we know to volunteer to help with booths for one hour
  9. Next meeting – Nov  6th @ 10 am in the computer lab to finalize details
  10. Meeting adjourned at 11:45am

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