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Minutes Lakeview (Roy) Elementary PTA – June 24th, 2019, 11am


Ashley Favero Cathie Fisher Kimley Jolley

Jill Ellsworth Lisa Thomas


  1. Budget discussion
    1. Everything is turned into council PTA treasurer
    2. Need actual expenditures for budget, can make a budget at the beginning of next year based on previous year’s expenditures
    3. Jill would like budget for book fair incentives
    4. PTA did not donate to school last year because school missed deadline for appropriation; will donate approx. $7,000 next; push for more field trips
  2. Membership
    1. Get emails of new members
    2. Send them meeting invites
    3. Get name and grade of teacher of the member’s child
    4. Email librarian about meetings to post on school website
    5. Make a PTA membership enrollment
    6. Cathie will be in charge of membership and be ready at back to school night with sign up and envelopes, etc.
    7. Cathie will make new popcorn rosters in time for first popcorn day based on new memberships
    8. Membership envelopes in PTA closet, can get more from Utah PTA
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. Get PTA letterhead for copies, copy company may require it for discounted copies
    2. Flyers should technically be approved by school before mass copied
    3. National PTA voted to increase fees. It was voted down.
    4. Region 2 has training for PTA positions. They will break out into workshops based on title. The workshop will be Aug 6th at 10am at Pioneer Elementary School.
  4. School Spirit T-Shirts
    1. Kimley found cool t-shirt design and is communicating with Utah based company that has offered shirts for $5.00 with a minimum order of 150 shirts; questions arose
      1. Does this company have hidden fees/costs? Do they charge extra for additional ink colors?  Do they offer sweatshirts?  What do they charge for shipping?
      2. Kimley will ask more questions from the company representative.
    2. Do we want to give the shirts to all students and only ask those that can, to pay? And ask teachers to pay. They have lots of women sizes because they are popular for women.
    3. Do we want to look for sponsors? Will they want their logo on the shirt?  Company said that logos are difficult. May not be worth the trouble. Logos look tacky.
    4. We don’t want to do different colors for every grade.
    5. Lisa Thomas will ask the bank for a grant to go towards t-shirts.
  5. Meeting adjourned until September; goodbye to Ashley. THANK YOU AGAIN!

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