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PTA Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, September 5th, 2018:


In Attendance:

Ashley Favero

Shirley Passey

Jamie Stonehocker

Rebekah Blume

Taylor Lee

Nikki Naylor

Cathie Fisher

Kimley Jolley

Sarah Christensen 

Jill Ellsworth 


Theme for the Year: If everyone helps a little, we can do Great Big Things!

Try to get anyone you know involved.


Motion to have Kimley Jolley replace Rod Blazevick as Secretary. Approved by all in attendance.


Ethics Policy - everyone on the board needs to sign this.


If you are volunteering to take money from anywhere (carnival, book fair, etc.) then you need to sign the Basic Fiscal Management Procedures.


The PTA does not exist to raise money but they raise money to exist.


If you are purchasing something and need to be reimbursed, you need to purchase it with a personal form of payment and not anything government-issued because it is against the law.


Every minute needs to be documented of PTA volunteer hours. It has to be calculated. 

If you do a field trip or anything like that it's also considered volunteer hours and needs to be documented.

If you do any PTA related work at home, that also needs to be documented. Turn that in to Ashley.

Also anyone who babysits for you to do PTA stuff, that is also considered volunteer hours! Pretty cool.


Now we need to vote on how much we need for the PTA budget:


1. Office Supplies: last year it says we only spent $172.94 but that is probably not completely correct. We budgeted $1,000 last year.

Ashley thinks that we need to budget at least $500. (A section for colored paper and poster boards and things like that also needs to be considered)

At least $500, maybe $600 is best.

Office supplies will include all of the copies that we make too.

The best place to make copies is Fed Ex on 36th street.

Actually $700 is probably a better amount to budget for Office Supplies.


2. Postage - we budgeted $300 last year and didn't spend any of it.

We will budget $300 again because this includes all shipping fees for anything like t-shirts.


3. $35 for Legislative


4. PTA Board Meeting - The new board members that go to the PTA convention in the Spring - last year $352 was budgeted and nobody went.

We should budget at least $360 for anyone who wants to go this year.


5. Misc. - last year's budget we spent $5 (probably not correct)

This year we will do $300.


6. T Shirts, $0, we will keep it at $0.


7. Membership Dues - $0, we will keep it at $0.


8. Spirit Day Prizes - keep it the same at $100 (prizes for kids wearing their shirts on Friday).


9. Yearbooks - last year's budget was $3,500 and we spent about $3,200

Our income was about $2,400 so we lost about $700

Should we go up to $4,000?


10. Popcorn Days: budget was $200 and we will keep it the same.


11. Pencil Box by the front office - $0 was last year's budget. (It wasn't done last year). We should budget at least $300 this year.

Sara Christensen's daughter could potentially be in charge of this! She is an ambassador


12. Field Day - $1,000 was the budget last year, we can no longer do bounce houses due to PTA policy. We should for sure do the tricycles. Dunk tank with Mrs. Passey? :)


13. Fundraiser - last year's budget was $0, of course, because we want to make $. We paid the company about $6,000 and $11,385.49 was the total so we made about $5,000.

Budget should be $0 again.


14. Teacher Appreciation, Volunteer Appreciation, and Lunch Lady Appreciation - we budgeted $1,500 and last year we spent $713.95.


15. Holiday Store - we don't make any money on this one. It's a service that we do. We send any money made back to the company. They budgeted $200 and we spent $140. Then we paid the company $3,804. That's how much the kids spent. We will keep the $200 budget.


16. We have to pay a scholarship fee to the Roy cone. So the high school gets money to the school for scholarships. The budget last year was $300 and we gave them $300.


17. Reflections - last year we budgeted $200 and we spent $78.09. Theme for this year is Heroes Around Me. Let's just have Leopard Ambassadors do posters and other things to get ready and advertise for Reflections. PTA will buy ribbons for anyone who participates.


18. Maturation - we have to provide treats for Maturation. Just cookies for 5th and 6th grade. Budget last year was $20. We spent $12.88 but that doesn't seem right.

We will change it to $50. We can go to Lofthouse and get a good deal.


19. Insurance - we have to purchase insurance every year. $180 was our budget last year and this year we will do $195.


20. Carnival. Last year's budget was $2,000 and we spent $1301.26

We didn't have enough volunteers last year so maybe we can use the Leopard Ambassadors and have them be in charge of being volunteers or being in charge of other kid volunteers.


21. Education - Book Fair. Last year we budgeted $100 and we only spent $26 but we will keep it at $100 for copies and teacher treats.


22. PTA Grant? Last year we budgeted $5,000 and we gave Mrs. Passey $5,000. This year she has $10,000 because of that PTA $5,000 from last year and Mrs Passey got another $5,000 matched.

She's going to decide how to spend it. Possible use: new toys (playground equipment) for outside.

We could also make a one-time donation with the money this year or we could maybe do field trips. We can have until June 1st to use it. 

We could choose to use it for field trips and use about $3-3,500 or we could donate it at the end of the year for playground toys. Field trips are covered anyway if we choose not to use it for that. 

We are choosing to use it for playground equipment because either way we will get field trips so best to use it for playground equipment.

3rd grade always applies for a grant with Discovery Gateway and gets to do that for a field trip.

Each child gets $6-$7 dollars for a field trip, depending on how much money Mrs. Passey has.


Budget Overview:

-Estimated income for Fundraiser was $5,000 and we will keep it at $5,000 because each year we make about that.

-Popcorn days estimated income was $550 and we made $441 - keep it at $550.

-Memberships estimated income - $44.50 (possibly wrong). Estimated income $50 so we will put it at $50.

-T Shirts estimated income - none last year but our income was $393.21 so if we can put it at $400 this year.

-Yearbooks estimated $130 but we were negative $725. We will estimate $0 for income.

-Pencil machine - estimated income of $230 but then no record of it. We will estimate $250.

-Carnival estimated was $150 and we were negative $400 something - we will say $0.


As of July 31st we have $14,775.23 in the budget



Date for Carnival

Thursday October 25th? We have no school on Friday October 26th. This is a good day for it.

Time: 5-7?

Who will be in charge of the carnival? Ashley will be.

We'll do snow cones again.

Do we want to do food? Yes we need to. That will get people here.

WinCo will do donations if we send them a letter within 30 days before. We should look for other grocery stores that do donations. Kent's will, Walmart, and others.

If the weather is good we will be outside. Hoping for good weather!

We can potentially use more of the budget money on prizes. 


We will do a reflections assembly to give the awards out. And we will do participation ribbons. 


Ashley needs to find the pencil key for the pencil box. 


Who was in charge of Spirit Day last year?

Kimley Jolley will be in charge of it this year

To get the prizes, school colors or a colored shirt that says Leader in Me must be worn.


Who will be in charge of the Holiday Shop? Cathie Fisher

Good idea for the holiday shop - put a timer in there so kids leave when their time is up. This will make it go faster.


Who will be in charge of Reflections? Sarah Christensen


Who will be in charge of Popcorn Day? Taylor Lee

2nd Wednesday of every month.


Next meeting? Wednesday September 26th

We will start at 2:45 and end at 3:45

Mrs. Blume will come in late because she will be meeting with her teachers.


Ashley Favero - President, over the carnival

Sarah Christensen - VP, over reflections

Taylor Lee - Treasurer, over popcorn day

Kimley Jolley - Secretary, over Spirit Day

Jill Ellsworth - over the Book Fair

Cathie Fisher - over the Holiday Shop

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