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Meeting notes 9/30/2020

Time 5:00 p.m.

Location: Lakeview Elementary

In attendance: Principal Okey, Jillian Hanes, Cathy Fisher, Elise Tubbs, Mickel Rassmussen, JaNell Rentschler, Johanna, Sarah Christensen, Jill Ellsworth

Principal’s address: The PTA is still willing to donate money for the masks even though we are unable to use them at this point. There was a consensus to adjourn school early one day in December for a Leader in Me training. The PTA is willing to pay for one dinner at each Parent Teacher Conference. We will look for a local vendor who can do the dinner for the upcoming conference. 

Treasurer’s report: The money is allocated very similarly to last year other than we will not be doing the carnival and field day will be different if done at all this year. 

Budget review: The budget will be passed around for those in attendance to see. A large portion of the budget is going to year books. We have been in touch with the company to see if it is possible to change the amount of year books bought from 350 to a lower amount because we had several left over from last year.

T-shirts: We had several orders on Memberhub for t-shirts and will continue to use the website for PTA memberships and PTA related purchases including the fundraiser. 

Bylaws review: The Bylaws need to be renewed this year and will be adjusted to help us with compliance by lowering the number of people required for specific events. We will also be keeping the Bylaws in the front office in a folder for parents to view.

Book Fair: The Book Fair will be done entirely online this year. We don’t expect to have as much money as normal for donating to the teachers. We receive 25% of sales, and what we do receive, we will spend on books for the school. 

Fundraiser: We will do the fundraiser this fall on Memberhub, asking parents to donate money instead of having their children sell chocolates, cookie dough, etc. We are considering doing an additional fundraiser in the spring. 

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