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Welcome to 3rd grade!

We are so excited to have you back and are looking forward to working with all of you this year! Included is a list of optional items that you may donate if you are able to. Any other supply donations will be welcomed. None of these items are required, they are completely optional.  Thank you for your continued support, see you soon! 

Mr. Day, Mr. Ouzts, and Mrs. Martin

Optional Donation Items: 

Paper Towels 

Hand Sanitizer 

Clorox Sanitizing Wipes 

Tissue Boxes 

Ziploc Baggies (any size)

Pencil Top Erasers

*Highly recommended, is your own personal Earbuds or headphones

in a ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name

(only used by your child), if not, then the school will have some available

to borrow for the year.

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