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Community Council Notes 4-2-2013

Community Council Notes
April 2, 2013
Start: 5:30 End: 6:20
Attendance: Eric Dauber, Dawn Dauber, Amy Peterson, Jared Marcum, Lisa Marcum, Shirley Passey, Jenny Ross
• Went over last quarter’s minutes. Talked about how Shirley moved some money around to meet our needs better.
• Discussed our status as a title 1 focus school. We shared our goals which are the master schedule, improving PLC’s, and Tier 1 instruction.
• We streamlined our Trustland plan to match the goals we have set for Title 1.
• We will continue doing AmeriCorps next year and will use Trustland money for this.
• Our goals include to increase Reading and Math by 10%
• We talked out elections. Eric and Shirley will discuss this further.
• Eric Asked what everyone’s thoughts were about community council: Members voiced that it was confusing initially, but they are now catching on. The meetings are good and informative. We had very committed people on our community council. Eric is doing a fabulous job of conducting the meetings, staying informed, and trying to get others to join the council. Shirley talked about the purpose of Trustlands and that the input of the parents is valuable. Money is allocated by their input. The community council has a big voice in the things we do at school.
• We would like additional parents to be on the council. It will make it that much stronger.
• We will schedule our meetings at the beginning of the year for next school year.


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