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Community Council Meeting Minutes – Oct 1, 2019 @ 4pm

Attendance: Shirley Passey, Jamie Stonehocker, Cathie Fisher, Jill Ellsworth, Nikki Jensen, Jillian Hanes, Susan Schreiner, Tony Greenwell (partial time)

  1. We welcomed new members Jill Ellsworth, Jillian Hanes, and Nikki Jensen
  2. Tony Greenwell reviewed maps of routes to school, crosswalks, major roads and safety of routes
    1. Included written plan of safety routes for students to schools
    2. Made recommendations of adding crosswalk monitor for crosswalk by the bike rack particularly in the winter due to low visibility caused by large piles of snow, etc.
    3. Discussion on who/what can help provide us with a monitor. Roy City hired current monitors, but find it hard to fill the positions; question addressed as to whether volunteers could fill that role; decided for now that school employees would monitor that crosswalk on a rotating basis to avoid any issues with liability, etc. that volunteers may cause
  • We adopted our Rules of Order and Procedure
    1. Parliamentary procedure will be followed for voting, elections, etc.
    2. Procedure for disclosing conflicts was addressed. Member can contact either Mrs. Passey or Dave Hales () for official complaints or conflict of interest issues
    3. Election process discussion. As long as there isn’t enough interest, current members will remain in their positions until others show interest or until he/she is no longer eligibly to serve on the council.
    4. Agendas will be posted/provided by the chair at least one week in advance on website and to members for preview.
    5. Jillian Hanes motioned that Susan Schreiner be appointed as vice- chair. Motion was seconded by Jill Ellsworth and Susan was appointed to that position by unanimous vote. Vice-chair, Susan, will conduct meetings in the absence of chair.
    6. These procedures were motioned for a vote by Susan Schreiner, seconded by Nikki Jensen, and voted into place by unanimous vote of the council
  1. Passey address digital citizenship in our school
  2. Passey review expenditures for 2018-19 including expenses for software, salaries and associated benefits, and technology purchases made for our school
  3. Passey reviewed our academic growth goals, discussed Reading Horizons programs, etc. Jillian Hanes asked about program usage being differentiated between school/home to see if additional work at home is effective in overall scoring
  • Our next meeting date was set for Tues, Jan 21rst @ 4pm in Lakeview classroom # 26.
  • Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

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