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Community Council Agenda

March 1, 2016
  • --Mrs. Passey will talk about Lakeview being a starter school for the Leader In Me program and that it will take $5000.  Proposal to use the Trustland money.
--Talk in depth about the number of students who are at or above benchmark.  How they went up 8% and the goal was 3%.  
--Read over goal #1 in the academic areas of the budget for next year and all agreed on the wording.
--Look at the rest of the goals and agree on any making any necessary wording changes.
--Talk about all grades participating in an internet safety training.  Talk about informing the students how to stay safe on the internet.    
--Chromebooks for each student in grades 3-6.
--Projected for next year to receive $31,386 from Trustlands money.  
--Talk about using any extra money for Leader in Me workbooks for the children and provide positive incentives and rewards for making their goals.