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Principal's Corner - March 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our school is implementing a whole-school transformational process called The Leader in Me, which teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. Our school will be conducting surveys to learn more about key areas of strength and areas of needed growth in our school. The data from these surveys will also help us track the impact of The Leader in Me process and implement key practices more fully. In order for us to have a holistic picture of what is going on in our school we are asking all full-time staff members, parents/guardians, and students in grades 4 and up to participate. Below is additional information about the process and content of the surveys.

Parent/Guardian Participation
If you decide to participate, you can log in to the following URL and complete a survey (without sharing your name or other identifying information) that will be available through this web link:

The survey is completely voluntary, but we do hope to get feedback from one member of every household. If you do not have access to the internet or a computer, we will have computers available for you to use before and after school. The parent/guardian survey takes about 12 minutes to complete and will ask questions about your child and about his/her experience in our school. If you have more than one child attending the school, you will be asked to think about the oldest child’s experiences as you answer questions related to their growth. A listing of all survey questions can be emailed upon request or can be viewed in the front office before or after school.

Student Participation (For students in grades 4 and above only)
If your child is in grade 4 and above and decides to participate, he/she will be asked to complete a 20-minute multiple-choice assessment (no identifying information will be requested or collected) that will be confidentially administered by a classroom teacher who has received clear guidelines on survey administration and confidentiality practices. Students will privately answer questions about their attitudes and behaviors on a computer at school. They will be able to skip questions and stop at any time they choose. Students who do not wish to participate in the survey or stop participating or whose parents choose to deny permission for their participation will be provided with an appropriate alternative activity (e.g. quiet reading) while the surveys are being administered.
Results will be summarized by grade level and available to the leadership of our school through a password protected, data-encrypted website. Some group-level results from the MRA may be shared at public meetings like the monthly PTA meeting or with stakeholders like district administrators or community groups that support our school.
If your child is in grade 4 or higher and you DO NOT want them to participate in the survey, please complete the form below (copy, paste and print the form), sign it, and return it to the school or notify the front office. Your decision to deny permission will not in any way influence your child’s grades or your relationship with any member of our school. If you have any questions about the surveys or wish to see a list of potential questions, please contact the school office.


If you are NOT willing to allow your child to complete the survey, please return this form with your signature to your child’s teacher or the front office.

________ I do not want my child to participate in the Measureable Results Assessment.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________

Student’s Name: _______________________________________________


Leader in Me

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