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Principal's Corner - February 9, 2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
The month of January went by quickly and we are well into the month of February.   There were a lot of good things that happened in January and I want to share a few of those things.
Our students participated in the mid-year DIBELS assessments and our students had some good growth in their reading skills.    The PTA sponsored a very successful book fair and I want to thank everyone who visited and supported the book fair.  The kids are always so excited to get some new books and other items. 
Miss Roy Utah asked Lakeview staff and families to help her collect slightly worn shoes that she can send to Africa.   I’m proud to say that we collected over 130 pairs of shoes to donate to such a worthy cause.   Thank you for your donations.
Jenny Ross was nominated and won the “I Love Teaching” award in the Weber District this month.   She is a very loving and kind person who cares for everyone at Lakeview.  She is an amazing literacy coach and accomplishes many things that support student learning and growth. Jenny is a strong leader in the school and provides a variety of professional training for the teachers and our para-professionals.
Jenny loves teaching and facilitating opportunities to help our students and teachers to be lifelong learners.    She genuinely works each day to love others and help them become better at what they do.  Jenny is loved by everyone in the school from the youngest to the oldest.   She is a great advocate for each child in our school.   I hope you will join us in congratulating her.
As you know we are a Leader In Me school which allows us to teach the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Our counselor and teachers teach the habits and everyone tries to apply the habits in every situation.   As a school we have noticed a change in our culture.  We have several stories that have definitely warmed our hearts and made us proud of our Lakeview students.
One day the Fed Ex driver came to the school to drop off some items.   A few of our kids opened the door and held it open while he brought the delivery in.   He asked if our kids are always so helpful.  He commented that when he drops off items to other schools they don’t hold the door for him.   He was very complimentary of the students and our school.
Every student in the building has a Leadership Data binder.   They keep track of how they are doing in school academically and behaviorally.   The kids are excited to see their scores improving which motivates them to do their best or try to beat their last score.  We are very proud of the children!
If you have been in the building in the morning or after school you will find students in the foyer and lunch room helping other students or visitors.  We love the leadership roles they exhibit and are very proud of how they are making our school great!
Our school behavior problems are fewer and kids are happier.   I’m grateful to spend each day here at Lakeview with such wonderful children and the fantastic people we have in our faculty and staff.  Thank you parents for all that you do for your children.  We love our Lakeview children!
Mrs. Passey

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