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Principal's Corner - Nov. 1, 2016

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

 Thank you for coming to Parent-Teacher conferences with your child(ren) to hear about what they have been learning and doing in school.   I hope during your conference you were able to see your child’s Leader in Me data binder.   The teachers and children are working on keeping these data binders so the children can record and track their learning.   We encourage the children to be aware of their learning and try to improve in the skills they are acquiring daily.  These binders help create a positive attitude and teach the students that they can do hard things and be successful.    We want the children to be able to “stay in the struggle,” build stamina and achieve goals and then celebrate their successes and/or recognize challenges as a way to improve.   I hope you were happy with your child and the learning experiences they are having.  Please take time to celebrate their successes.  We love the children and are very pleased to work with them each day.   We appreciate all of the support you provide to help them be successful.   

Upcoming events in November

November 4th --  4th grade field trip to Gateway

November 7th --  6th grade field trip to the Capitol

November 10th -- Hearing screening

November 11th -- Big Smiles Dentistry. Plus on that day we will have an Early Out and the kids will be released at 1:10.  The teachers will be receiving professional training that afternoon. 

 I hope you have noticed the work that is taking place on the playground.  We have partnered with the PTA to make some improvements to our playground and will be working on these improvements throughout the school year.  We have planned to extend the playground area with additional big toys to climb and play on.   The PTA has purchased some toys that are being installed in November. The school will hopefully be purchasing an additional big toy and have it installed in the spring.  We have moved a few basketball standards to prevent the ball from going in the street.   We are adding four tetherball poles.  We are having a shed delivered and will fill it with a variety of toys that the kids and playground monitors will have easy access to getting things out and putting them away during recess.  Some of the items that will be stored in the shed include, hula hoops, hopscotch taws, balls, cat’s cradle ropes, jump ropes, a free standing three-in-one net for playing beginning tennis, badminton, and pickle ball, and a volleyball net (eventually we will cement in poles).   Michel Strate, our administrative intern, has a son who is going to do an Eagle Scout project to build shelves and get hooks in the shed to organize the toys and possibly get more toy items.   Let me give a shout out to Sherry McCain who is one of the playground monitors.  She created some new rules focusing on making our playground a positive environment.  She and her husband have applied for a grant and will be getting beginner’s equipment for lacrosse.   Grace Call and her parents were proactive last spring with an idea that would support students who might need a friend.   We took that great idea and contacted the maintenance department to make Buddy Bench signs to put out by the benches.   This is a positive way to support many children who need a friend or want to be someone’s friend to meet and interact.   We have a lot of positive and proactive things taking place at Lakeview.    I want to thank all of the people who have worked hard with our fundraisers to earn some money for these playground improvements.  A special thanks to our district maintenance department for all of the support they give to Lakeview.   I truly feel blessed to be able to work with the parents and children, faculty and staff at Lakeview, and the school district employees that come together to enrich the lives of children.

Mrs. Passey

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